Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Lamp Saga Pt. 2 and 3

So this is a continuation on the previous lamp editing Saga Pt.1

I started with a blue glass and brass vase.  In pt.1 I spray painted the brass to make it look like brushed nickel. I wanted to do something with the blue color so I bought more spray paint, Krylon in a creamy white.

Lamp after part 1 
Tape off the metal parts
For the final product you'll have to wait till the end!!

So for part 3 of this lamp makeover, I wanted to do something with the shade.  I've been seeing awesome shade redos on pinterest with neat fabrics but this shade isn't your typical round shade, it's curvy and kinda flower shaped.  So I wanted to try dying it...

I got a package of Rit Dye from amazon in teal.

I then filled a large container bucket with water and added a cup of salt and my lampshade. (see the shape)  I then added the whole container of liquid dye.

filling the bucket

Letting the lampshade incubate
So I started filling my bucket when I noticed it was leaking!!?!?! So I quickly put that bucket inside of a another bucket.  I let the shade dye overnight for ~15 hours.  It was probably over kill but we had bad storms and I forgot about the shade.  If you dye using vinegar instead of salt, this will eat your fabric. Do not let it sit this long.  I then let the shade sit on newspaper until dried.

Final product!!

So I was going for more of a teal color, not baby blue so I am going to order some green and try redyeing. Stay tuned for The Lamp Saga pt 4!

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